Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just a thought post...

Life isn't always puppies, kitties, sunshine, and rainbows. Yes, work sucks. Marriage isn't always easy. Mistakes are made, no matter what your age. You lose friends, loved ones, and money. You lose your new snake and then find your cat trying to eat him in your bathroom 5 days later...

Just realizing lately, that life isn't perfect, and if it was, it would suck. Sometimes the best part of being in love, is having some horrible experience that makes you realize all over again, why you love that person so much.

I think sometimes the daily grind robs us of our souls, morals, values, dreams, and lives. We are so busy going to work, coming home, cooking dinner, watching TV, and repeat, that we forget to live a little.

Now for a second, imagine everything you have right now, taken away in an instant. It's like a blow right to the head from a steel pipe...

Recently, I got that blow... and it's time to wake the hell up.

Thanks for listening to something that probably makes sense to no one that reads my blog... :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guest/Jam Room Makeover

The next task was our Guest/Jam room. We needed a multi functional room that could serve as a Guest room, and a "Jam" room for Jeff's guitars and our music memoribilia.
The before was not pretty, empty and boring, with the main focal point being a HUGE, ugly, old, television. Jeff refused to part with the TV and wanted to keep it in the room for video games... so we had to get creative. I went through about 5 color scheme ideas before I decided Gray would be the way to go. Then, we were going to do gray and purple... but after it was painted, purple just didn't look right.
We had Jeffs acoustic guitar sitting up against the newly painted wall, and it was the only thing in the room. I loved the nuetrals, tan and black, against the gray. So we decided to nix a "color" and just go with naturals.
Pardon the Marilyn Manson poster, it freaks a lot of people out, but I love it. We bought that papisan chair on Black Friday for $18!!

New gray walls, rock posters, guitars, futon (snagged on craiglist for $15 and it's soooo comfy), and black curtains... where's the TV????
We hid it in the closet! It fits perfect and you just slide the doors open when you want to watch something, fair compromise I think!
I still plan on building the "drum table" out of an old bass drum and some glass, but I still haven't come across a drum yet :(
Total Cost: $35!
I expect the drum to be about $25 to finish, so $60 not bad!

Home Office Makeover

We decided to conquer the office first, because that wallpaper was driving me crazy. I don't like wallpaper, never have, probably never will. This room is our home office, and will one day be a nursery, because it's closest to our bedroom, and the perfect size for it.
So obviously the first thing that had to go was the wall paper, and we had to find a color we liked and balance this room out a bit. It felt like it was all over the place, with the stripes, polka dots, and elegant desk... ugh.

Tearing down the wallpaper was more of a task than I had imagined. This wallpaper was WATERPROOF. Meaning I had to tear of the top layer, soak the glue film paper underneath and then peel it off in strips. After several methods I found out using a spray bottle to soak a 12" by 12" area and then pulling it off worked wonders!

And of course, our little kitten, Gretchen, was there to help.
The "final" product. I say "final" because my sister is going to help me make a gorgeous painting for about the computer to fill up some wall space, and I think it needs a rug.
We painted the room semi-gloss "Sweet Harmony" yellow, painted the desk chair pink and added a tan chair pad. We rearranged to make the room more functional, and centered the desk because it was annoying me (I like things even and symettrical, so much for funky designs here)!I found that awesome pink lamp for free after a garage sale in our neighborhood, and found some drawer knobs at michaels for $1 each!

Overall Cost: $25 (not a typo, seriously $25 dollars!)

I'm on the look out for a nice rug and ideas for a painting, but overall I think this room will cost less that $75!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Big News!

We have some big news around the Davis household! No, no babies... and NO we are NOT moving again :)

Jeff and I are going back to school! I will be starting within the next two weeks. I will be attending Sheffield School of Wedding and Event planning. I will receive my certification as a Wedding planner in a year or less. Jeff will start school on July 16th (as soon as we can buy his new Cannon Rebel XS DSLR camera) at Icon School of Photography. It is only a 4 week class, but will probably take him 3 to 4 months to finish because of working full time. Both of these schools are online, which will allow us to still work full time jobs, and do some Pro Bono work to build our portfolios!

We are also going to START OUR OWN BUSINESS! More details to come on that later. Website launch coming soon!

Overall we are SO excited about going to school, starting our business, and eventually quitting our dead end jobs. I can't wait to make money doing what I love!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


My little sister graduated this Saturday. It was an awesome morning, I even got sun burnt, we are all so proud of her! The party was in the evening. We had everything set up outside, it was gorgeous and perfect... and then it started hailing and pouring rain. We got most of the decor inside in time, but the table linens were drenched. My dad and husband had to drain them in 5 gallon buckets and then put them in the dryer. We stalled my sister for a while and set up inside. It wasn't what we wanted, but she was so happy anyway :) so I guess it all turned out ok.

The table decor
Her artwork displayed

Posters of her Theater work

The welcome table, the take out box was her card box (because she loves all things japanese) and we displayed all her awards. Oh and there were fortune cookies!

Her awesome, fun cake. It was delicious by the way!

The guest of honor!

We are so proud of her. She already has so much talent. She is going to the Art Program at Northern Colorado University this fall :) I know she will do great.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time to have some summer fun!

We picked up our new go cart this weekend. A steal at only $250. The only part it needs is a front shock, as you can see the left front tire is bowed in, making it incredibly hard to steer. We still took it for a spin anyway, and dad enjoyed it as well! We look forward to getting the part and then having a blast at the track by our house all summer!

And yes, we fit that huge thing in Jeffs little tiny toyota, and actually made it home!

More summer fun stories to come soon! We are getting ready to set up our above ground pool. When it was put into storage 2 years ago it wasn't stored correctly, and so it's going to take some elbow grease to get clean and set up. Plus Jeffs brother lost the clips so we have to get creative and use bolts to put it all together! AH


Jeff and I are tattoo addicts, I have 6 now and he has 10. It's like we can't stop getting them, and we found a really great artist that custom draws everything exactly how we picture it in our heads.

This is Jeffs newest tattoo, it's a Zombie robot on his arm
The artist touched these up because they were fading pretty badly.

My footprints/pawprints to obviously represent my love for animals :)

Star on neck

Marilyn Manson emblem on shoulder

Heart with keyhole (jeff has the key on his wrist)

Koi on hip (my favorite of my tattoos)

My newest, sparrow in gorgeous clouds on my calf